fading that you got some time


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released January 31, 2016



all rights reserved


SURREN BY, Germany

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Track Name: the sea son
when the field was bowing down before the smoke stacks
and i waited on the wood next to the brewery
i wore my hat you would later say, youd like me more
without it

youre not so old you say as you show your breasts
in bed next to the one whos already dead

i gave you an accidental call
though we are nowhere near friends
and now i think youre scared im stalking you
it could have been nice though

and you were all scared o what i had to say
not to keep it up another day
it could have been nice
it would have been lies
Track Name: the years flew right by
unless the time fled wandrin
all the years flew right by
make a cross where you t hink its right

stop the time when youre wonderin
make a blink with your eyes
you will know how to recall it

its always the fall behind
when i turn i change my mind
light fell on the darkened spot
when i lose i feel it not
Track Name: everything we didn't do counts
there's no such thing as brand-new start
everything we didnt do counts

we all think in our own ways
sometimes closer, sometimes far apart

be alive but sometimes not
sometimes you forget your god
in your shopping bag

we are so excited for the start
Track Name: windshield
when you were born
a new rise up
connecting weather with the windshield
and you won't stop
in december, the roots will grow alright
there' s a timebomb and a windshield to disarm,
holding off the ghost
Track Name: the beautiful bird
i cant stop staring into the sunny distance
where every word is a possibility connected to you

the time for editing is over
now its time to watch the movie
the relief when you shut the door
each day pressing more

listen to me!
loud but not clear
talking to noone
at least i find some time to dream about you

i cant forget your sun
you fit in anywhere
but you belong to noone
youre a beautiful bird
it would be a sin
to try to tie you to my misery
and make you my cell-mate,
so i have to let you go

sometimes i call your name
but if you came to me, would your feathers lose their glow?
if i leave you alone, in the distance i cant hear
your siren call
Track Name: fake bad
we listened to a kate bush song
i played along the snare
i looked at your face to memorize
when i woke up i was paralyzed

fading that youve got some time
fading that you got some time

your beauty hit by sunlight says its my duty to break free
i can be happy if i just do it
it doesnt have to be this way
Track Name: one day gone
you left your site unnoticed, now its free
you left your life unnoticed, and it fleed

and one day its gone

you left your life unnoticed, now its free
dont you forget about the day
you left your life unnoticed, now its free

one day you will be coming back
onto the world it stopped
noone there
Track Name: its done
how long
feel its done